Upper Body Exercises

Luis walks through (2) go-to exercises, including modifications, for your upper body: reverse flies & push ups.

Exercises to Promote Balance

Luis demonstrates (4) exercises that promote balance, and act as a great warm-up before cardio or any other activity


Lower Body

Squats & hamstrings to focus on our lower body. Luis also demonstrates some variations for those who may need them.


Exercises to Help Neck Tightness or Discomfort 

Everyone’s experienced neck tightness from time to time in their lives. Luis shares some super helpful exercises to relieve that tightness and restore motion.


Muscle Imbalances and the Benefits of an Integrated Practice

Luis talks about muscle imbalances and discusses the benefits of finding an integrated practice – one that treats with Chiropractic, hands-on therapies, medical and exercises.


Overcome Seated Slouching/Hunching Over

Luis and Jailene demonstrate some great exercises to combat sitting at a desk all day, or even holding your newborn baby!
1. Reverse Fly 3×10
2.Front Arm Raises (both) 3×10
3. Face Pulls 3×10

Let’s Talk Exercise

SO, how much exercise should you be getting? And what kind of exercising should you do? Luis and Kelsey give you the 411.


Balancing Strength & Stretching

It’s important to balance flexibility & strength so you don’t develop poor movement patterns and ultimately, pain. Luis demonstrates (2) great at-home exercises that cover both.


Piriformis Stretch

Let’s focus on the piriformis. Stretching this muscle is especially crucial if you suffer from sciatica pain.


Piriformis Stretch Variation

This piriformis stretch can be done using your bed!


Stand from Seated – How-To

Protect your lower back by using your quads & glutes to drive yourself straight up when seated. It’s the little helpful tips in life that make all the difference!


Stand from Lying Down – How-To

Are you protecting your spine when you rolllllll out of bed? Probably not – watch Luis for a quick how-to.


COVID-19 Office Precautions

Our office has undergone additional precautions to combat COVID-19. Jessica walks us through the updates including social distancing, taking temperatures & wearing masks.


Mask Tips and Tricks

Nurse Jessica goes over a few pointers on how best to wear your mask, whether it be disposable or reusable. Have you been fogging up? She covers that too!


Shoulder Mobility Exercise

Stuck at home all week? We demonstrate a great stretching exercise that you can do with only a broom! This exercise helps improve shoulder mobility and is especially beneficial to those who sit at a desk for the majority of their day.


Upper Spine Stretch

This is a great stretch for anyone who’s at home all day sitting or not moving much- it really helps to open up the spine, and pairs well with our Shoulder Mobility Exercise.


Flexion and Extension of the Spine

Quick at-home exercise for your spine, to remind your body what neutral feels like. A great exercise for those with wrist or knee pain since it’s in a seated position.



Core Exercise

Warm up your core and your spine with this basic exercise.


Cat-Cow – Exercise your Spine!

Intimidated by yoga? Try this satisfying stretch at home.


Muscle Strengthening Test

Our doctors perform these kinds of tests in order to determine if certain muscles need strengthening. This one in particular is to test trapezius (trap) strength.