Posture is the position that your body takes while sitting, standing or laying down. Good posture helps us minimize unnecessary strain on muscles, joints and bones that could lead to pain or degenerative arthritis down the road. It also reduces muscle fatigue, since proper posture uses less of the body’s energy. Ultimately, paying attention to our posture diminishes stress on our bodies, and therefore minimizes chances of injury as well. 

We absolutely can fix our posture. Some joints may take longer to revert than others since our bodies adapt to our habits over long periods of time, but it is still possible. 

Our Chiropractors can help with proper posture, as well as recommend stretches and exercises to strengthen specific regions of our patient’s bodies. Come visit us for a wellness plan unique to you, or visit our social media pages (linked below) for more general health tips, stretches and exercises recommended by our team.

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Source: American Chiropractic Association 

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