We all have the power to live happier lives. It starts with realizing that that power resides in ourselves. Below are some tips to help manage stress, which is a large piece of creating a healthier and happier life for yourself:

  • Try to have a positive attitude – even when you’re having a rough day, wearing a smile on your face has shown to be a mood improver 
  • Let go of control and accept that there are things in life that are out of your hands
  • Turn your aggressive inclinations into assertiveness – express your thoughts and feelings instead of tuning them out
  • Learn relaxation techniques – this looks different for everyone. Some find vinyasa yoga, meditation, or a moment of deep breathing helpful, while others prefer to punch out their stress with cardio boxing classes 
  • Prioritize regular exercise – the healthier your body is physically, the easier it is to fight stress and manage yourself emotionally
  • Be aware of your diet and eat as healthy as you can 
  • Learn time management – the 5 minute rule can be very effective 
  • Set boundaries in your life and learn to say no 
  • Plan time for your interests, hobbies and relaxation 
  • Get enough sleep – adults need at least 7 hours every night 
  • Try to avoid using alcohol, drugs or compulsive behaviors to drown out stress
  • Be social – spend time with people who you enjoy being around
  • Seek professional help if needed 

Author Kelsey Kelsey is Bay Area Wellness Center's Marketing Assistant. She comes from the advertising world with 3+ years of experience in research, strategy and media planning. Interested in collaborating with us? Shoot Kelsey an email at marketing1.bawc@gmail.com and she'll get back to you!

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