When planning household projects, be sure to think through the entire project upfront, whether or not it’s something you’ve done before. This includes gathering all of the tools and necessary elements to complete the job, and organizing them in the order you’ll use them. This will ensure that you will complete the task at once, instead of starting the first step and then having to look for the next tool you might need. It also helps keep your focus in one place, which may keep you from injury in itself! 

Next, be sure to wear the proper attire for the project, that way your clothes don’t get in the way. Sleeves and baggy shirts have caused each of us a number of issues in our everyday lives – housework requires sensical clothing, not fashionable. 

Lastly, try to keep your workspace clean – this way you remain clear minded for the length of the project, again ensuring your focus in on the task at hand and not elsewhere. Distractions can make for disastrous results and injury!

Another way to protect yourself against injury is to keep up with routine chiropractic care. If you do injure a shoulder or pull something in your back, your chiropractor will work with you to build a rehab plan to get you back on your feet. 

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