As of October 2019, Bay Area Wellness Center now offers regenerative medicine as a new treatment capability, if the patient/you are a candidate. Many variables go into determining if you’re a viable candidate. These variables include if you’ve been cancer-free for the last 5 years, the joint you’re having issues with is accessible enough and you are able to come off of nsaids for 48 hours+, among other variables. In order to fully determine if you qualify, we recommend booking a consultation so that our staff can obtain your medical history and complete a full examination. 

The consultation includes a review of your medical history and an examination of the joint in question, including x-rays and ultrasounds. After completing the consultation, our staff of chiropractors and nurses evaluate all of the information and are able to determine if you are a good candidate for a mesenchymal stem cell treatment(s). The results of the examination are discussed in a day-two consultation. Our team will then discuss the cost of the treatment, and what your options are, if you’re a viable candidate.

We always recommend that you bring your significant other, or the person who helps you make life decisions, to the day-two appointment. This helps for a few reasons: getting any sort of medical treatment done is typically a serious life decision, and it’s important to have your person there with you so they are also educated and on the same page about the process. Additionally, we often see that our patients themselves are not always the most knowledgeable about the history of their aches and pains, but their partner is. Lastly, if you decide to move forward with the treatment, our staff is able to complete it same-day, so making the decision becomes much more simple. We are flexible and able to work with most schedules however, so if you would prefer scheduling the treatment for another day, we’re happy to make that happen as well. Interested in learning more? Read about regenerative medicine itself, here, or call our office to schedule a consultation.

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