When practiced correctly, yoga can decrease stress levels and blood sugar, and increase balance, flexibility and strength in your muscles and joints. Chiropractic helps with joint mobility, and corrects body alignments through manipulation/adjustments. They truly work so well together, as both promote the wellbeing and healing of our bodies. 

Chiropractic care and yoga can teach you so much about your body.

The first step in improving anything, including yourself, is to be self-aware and recognize what’s happening, whether it’s on the inside such as an emotion, or on the outside-maybe you haven’t been taking care of yourself like you know you should. By having that awareness and knowledge of the body, and proper posture, learned from both chiropractic and yoga, you’ll be able to live a happier and healthier life. 

Yoga focuses on healing the body. 

Practicing yoga centers a lot on stretching and lengthening the body, and matching your breathing with those stretches. This focus on your body’s shape, and your breathing patterns, really works to put your mind at ease and ultimately relieve stress. This helps to relax your physical self as well, which leads to increased benefits at your chiropractic office. 

Similar to chiropractic, yoga increases your body’s mobility.

Like any form of stretching and attentiveness to one’s body, yoga is extremely beneficial to those who have pre-existing injuries in the neck, back, hips or specific joint pain. By practicing yoga and focusing on particular areas of the body, as well as the body as a whole, you will start to feel relief, as your body works to repair itself. Chiropractic is very similar, in that the Doctor will hone in on problem areas of your body to get you feeling back to normal. 

The focal point: strengthening joints and ligaments.

Unlike most forms of exercise that focus on groups of muscles or a particular region of the body (arm day, leg day, glutes, etc.), yoga does a great job of stretching and paying attention to the entire body-it’s a very holistic form of exercise. By strengthening all aspects of the body, yoga prepares us for all sorts of daily activities, including treatment such as chiropractic. A body that is strong and functions wholly, is more receptive to chiropractic, as opposed to a stiff and underutilized body. 

Yoga and chiropractic help to prevent injuries.

Both chiropractic and yoga encourage proper range of motion in the joints, and help with stabilizing balance, relieving muscle tension and correcting the body’s alignment. All of these pieces combined, increases your overall awareness, and allows your body to relearn motions you may not have even known you were performing incorrectly. Naturally, this knowledge keeps you from repeating incorrect form, and thus preventing future injuries. 

Whether you’re new to chiropractic (or yoga), or you’re a returning patient, the bottom line is that yoga and chiropractic go together like black and white (classic colors that will never lose their cool factor), in terms of bodily repair. Call our office today to book with one of our chiropractors! 

Author Kelsey Kelsey is Bay Area Wellness Center's Marketing Assistant. She comes from the advertising world with 3+ years of experience in research, strategy and media planning. Interested in collaborating with us? Shoot Kelsey an email at marketing1.bawc@gmail.com and she'll get back to you!

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