Have you been in an auto accident and experienced injuries? Neck pain is a common symptom of whiplash, an injury that occurs when your neck is suddenly and forcefully jerked forward or snapped backward. This motion can create tears in your neck’s muscles, ligaments and tendons, causing pain and limited mobility.

Whiplash most often occurs as the result of a car accident or during high-impact sports activities.

Symptoms of whiplash include tenderness, stiffness, and pain when you turn your head, as well as headache pain that starts at the base of your neck and radiates throughout your head. You may also experience tightness in your neck that restricts your motion. Read more about whiplash on our site, here

As with any injuries or pain you’re experiencing, our office has the capabilities to recommend a wellness plan that is unique to you. In unison with Chiropractic, we take x-rays and ultrasounds, in addition to learning your medical history so we can best serve you. 

Our staff of chiropractors, nurses and rehab therapists work together as a team, evaluating your x-rays, history and mobility to recommend a care plan for you. This might include rehab, ultrasound therapy, adjustments, or all of the above. We’re no one stop shop. At Bay Area Wellness Center, we focus on full recovery plans. 

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